2014. január 12., vasárnap


Welcome to my site!

My name is András. I live in Hungary and I love scarves.
This blog shows my football scarves collection. I have started to collect scarves in 2012. Before that I have only some team scarves, mostly from my favourite team, Videoton FC.
I saw some scarf collector forums and webpages and I decided to start collecting.

I prefer ultra group scarves, scarves from my team Videoton and my hometown's team, Várpalota.
If I get a scarf from my friends as a gift, or I see a simple team scarf what I like, it can be also part of my collection, but I'm not searching them.
I also collect scarves from teams, who had played with Videoton but it also subsidiary to me.

The most important, I don't exchange from my collection!! Please respect it.

If you have any questions, contact me : sonofabitch99@freemail.hu